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Avoid Bahia Turquesa Residences - (prev Coco Sunset Vacation Club) because of its obvious association with Costa Rica Private Residences. (Date of stay, March 5-12) We exchanged through Interval International for Bahia Turquesa Residences - (prev Coco Sunset Vacation Club) for what was to be my bucket-list trip and it turned into a nightmare. We know now that Bahia Turquesa is a collection of condo/timeshares which has been renamed to avoid association with time share scammers who have operated in this area for at least 5 years as noted on... Read more

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My wife and I stayed at your resort in September of 2014. I believe that the Bahia Turquesa resort should refund us $13,801.96 (including extra paid because the time share company was not able to sell another timeshare property, which I don't believe they ever intended on selling). At this time I would also ask Interval International consider DROPPING Bahia Turquesa from the Interval International Directory for their underhanded unscrupulous dealing with vacationers by promoting Las Palmas Playa Del Coco investment which is NON-EXISTENT.... Read more

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Who ever reads this please be warned that the people in Costa Rica who claim that they are selling you a timeshare have taken my money and have given me absolutely nothing in return. They are 100% Criminals. Do not give them any money. They make promises that they do not keep and this is the biggest scam around. There is never anyone on a phone to help you when you have a problem and they have stolen my money without my consent after I have asked them to cancel any dealings with this fake company. I was told that I would be able to use the... Read more

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On December 27, 2014, while on vacation in Costa Rica, I regretfully purchased a time share from a company I believed to be legal and legit. We signed paperwork towards a timeshare deal and the manager(at the time) Randy McIntyre, stated that we needed to wait 90 days to receive the processed documents regarding instructions on how to schedule any upcoming usage of this time share. We have yet to receive anything. We have repeatedly tried to contact the company and can only access a voice message machine with requires a password to leave a... Read more

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We purchased a 3-bedroom/3-level Private Residence through Las Palmas in Coco Costa Rica in March 2013. As part of the contract negotiations was a "Marketing Contract" with Timely Travel which "guarantees the marketing and resale" of our current timeshares and rental of half of our weeks with Las Palmas. There was a fee of $899 to go with this contract. The contract indicated the payment would be made in 300 days to allow for marketing and resale. At about day 280 you can no longer get hold of Timely Travel. I checked the Internet at... Read more

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went to presentation at Bahia Tequesa formerly coco sunset at cafe las playas in Costa Rica. They offered to buy my timeshare for more than I paid for it plus give me extra eeks I could rent out via Mercury property management guarenteed for 5 years . found out poor travel exchange company and scam artists. Cancelled contract. Charged me a fee initially disclosed as closing costs, suddenly became administrative costs of $2000 for cancelling and wont return additional $10000 owed to me even though I cancelled within time allowed by contract.... Read more

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“Las Palmas Travel Network” may be a new scam tied to what’s going on at Coco Sunset Vacation Club (aka Bahia Turquesas)
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It appears that “Las Palmas Travel Network” (LPTN) may be a new scam connected to what’s going on at Coco Sunset Vacation Club (aka Bahia Turquesas). ** Coco Sunset Vacation Club (aka Bahia Turquesas) in Costa Rica seems to be somehow related to “Las Palmas Travel Network” (LPTN). Here’s my experience, as well as the things I’ve learned about them over the past three days (August 17, 2013). You can decide for yourself if this appears to be a scam. Here’s what happened: My wife and I were initially reeled in by “Jock”, a lively Scotsman... Read more

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