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It appears that “Las Palmas Travel Network” (LPTN) may be a new scam connected to what’s going on at Coco Sunset Vacation Club (aka Bahia Turquesas).


Coco Sunset Vacation Club (aka Bahia Turquesas) in Costa Rica seems to be somehow related to “Las Palmas Travel Network” (LPTN). Here’s my experience, as well as the things I’ve learned about them over the past three days (August 17, 2013). You can decide for yourself if this appears to be a scam.

Here’s what happened:

My wife and I were initially reeled in by “Jock”, a lively Scotsman who’s turf is Playa Hermosa near the Condovac (a timeshare resort affiliated with RCI). We were turned over to “Matt” who qualified us over breakfast at the Café de la Playa ( in the town of Cocos. Matt took us up to the shark tank where we met sequentially with three other closers, who came at us with ever-decreasing packages for us to buy. We left (without buying), and were taken to the El Pueblito commercial center in Cocos where several timeshare companies have their offices (you’ll recognize the names: Coco Vacation Club, Bahia Turquesas (the new name for Coco Vacation Club as of March 2013), Miramar, and others). We thought we were done for the day and just needed to sign out at the Coco Adventures Travel Agency (which seems to be owned by Bahia Turquesas), but Matt handed us off to “Blake Lindsey”, who said he was with “Las Palmas Travel Network” (LPTN), and who had a “program” he wanted us to look at.

Here’s where the story gets interesting. The sound *** is that “Las Palmas Travel Network” doesn’t seem to exist, and there’s no way to reach them once you’re back home.

The LPTN “program” has two aspects: (1) It reimburses current timeshare owners for their Maintenance Fees (sounds too good to be true, right?). It refers to this as “Cash Exchange”. (2) It also has other travel booking benefits (some sound remarkably similar to RCI’s), as well as “guaranteed rates” for 1 BDR and 2BDRs at hotels and timeshare locations around the world, including Leading Hotels of the World. Example: 2 BDR at the Crillon in Paris for $545 for a week. Again, those room rates sound too good to be true.

Blake offered us membership in this program for $2,299, plus $249 annually (waived the first year). It looks like a no brainer, because it doesn’t take long before you break even on the maintenance fees that they reimburse you for. Six weeks after you sign up LPTN sends you a Welcome Package, which has details on how to get your MFs reimbursed, and how to book the travel deals.

Lured by the idea of getting our MF’s reimbursed we let Blake charge our Visa card. He gave us a flimsy looking contract (saying that’s all there is), and we left with mixed feelings. Then went online to do a little due diligence.

After doing some research, here’s what I’ve learned about LPTN:

Las Palmas Travel Network is invisible – and may not be real at all.

The green flier he showed us states that Las Palmas Travel Network been in business since 1993. But if you search for the company on Google you will find nothing. It’s my opinion that LPTN is a new scam.

According to the contract, LPTN’s website domain name is This domain name was purchased just 3 weeks ago, on July 9th, 2013, and only for a one year period. (Go to for details). There’s no website. It seems to me that an established ten year old company should have a website, especially in an industry that is short on credibility and trust.

Oddly, there is a website at: But that’s not the url on the contract. And it’s a very skinny site, with almost no info on it.

Las Palmas Travel Network is unreachable.

It’s not possible to contact LPTN when you are back home in the States. So there is nothing you can do if your Welcome Package does not arrive.

Can’t reach by phone: The phone number on the contract is in Costa Rica: 506-2670 0357. You can never get through to this number – I tried eight times, at different times of day, over a three day period. There’s an outgoing message – in Spanish only – and unless you know the extension of the person you are calling, you cannot leave a message. Blake does not have an extension number. Why would a company that services Americans not have an outgoing message in English? And why can you never get through to a real person? Blake insisted you can get through, but you can’t.

Incidentally, this 506-2670 0357 is the exact same phone number that’s shown on – for “Las Palmas VC Coco Sunset Vacation Club” (April 2013).

Can’t reach by email: There’s an LPTN email address on the contract. But when I sent an email it bounced back. Here’s the error message: Sorry, we were unable to deliver your message to the following address.

Blake Lindsay did not provide his business card with contact info, nor did he have letterhead in his office. When pressed for the addresses of the Call Center and the company’s HQ in the USA, I was given two handwritten addresses from a torn off yellow legal pad. The addresses seem to be bogus:

It turns out that 804 Pine Avenue, Carlsbad, CA 92008 is a house in a residential district. 7690 West Cheyenne, Las Vegas, NV is the office of HSI (Holiday Systems International). LPTN does not have a business relationship with HSI and is not listed at that address.

Blake’s office is in the El Pueblito shopping center – a small room immediately adjoining the “Coco Adventures” travel agency, which is where they finally sign you out after your timeshare presentation. Blake did not volunteer this but you might be able to get to him (and to Coco Sunset Vacation Club aka Bahia Turquesas and “Las Palmas Travel Network” through the travel agency. Here’s their email and website:, and

Not affiliated with Carnival.

Blake said that LPTN was “a part of” Carnival Cruise Lines. The term “part of” suggests that it’s a subsidiary. But according to Hoovers it’s not. When I called Carnival’s Trade engagement department (on 800-327-7276) they said they have no ownership of or affiliation with LPTN. In fact they had not heard of it.

Unclear business relationship between LPTN and RCI – if any

I went online to see if the credit card purchase had posted. It had. The vendor name was Las Palmas VC. But the confusing thing is that the phone number associated with it is 619-683-7440. That number belongs to RCI – not LPTN. So, I wonder – did I purchase something from LPTN – or from RCI? Why is LPTN using RCI as its credit card vendor?

The benefits listed on the contract are RCI benefits. The only difference is the “World Famous Cash Exchange Program”.

The “World Famous Cash Exchange Program” sounds too good to be true

If LPTN has been around for 10 years, and since timeshare owners are desperately looking for a way to not have to pay Maintenance Fees on timeshares they can’t use, how can it be that this truly incredible program is not known, or publicized – and why the black box?

Who is Blake Lindsey?

Just for fun take a look at Blake Lindsey’s profile on LinkedIn: None of this inspires confidence.

Related posts:

There are several forums discussing what’s going on at Coco Sunset Vacation Club (aka Bahia Turquesas). I don’t know, but it appears that LPTN is a new scam.

So where are we?

Can someone please post a reply so we all know the status? Thank you, all.


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If you are scammed, report to FBI:

New York, New York, United States #769426

I bought a fractional ownership at Miramar Residence Club (aka Coco Sunset Club, Playas de las Palmas, now Baiha Turquesa Residence) in April 2012. They had me signed a rental contract with a company called Omnicorp Development. The person who represents Omnicorp Development was Douglas Jensen. I was supposed to start receiving my rental income 475 days later. But I have not seen a penny coming my way, now about 600 days has passed.

Playas de las Palmas still tries to collect maintenance fees. I called them questioning about the rental income. They said they didn't know anything about it and it was my responsibility that I signed the rental contract with Omnicorp. I tried to call Ominicorp. The telephone line did not exist. According to the business report online, the company does not even exist. Did Playas de las Palmas not know that Omnicorp was a fraud when they had Omnicorp's representative sign the contract with me?

Playas de las Palmas scammed your money, lured you to a too-good-to-be-true profit that was promised to you by a made-up company. How clever!

I would like Playas de las Palmas (or IPTN) to expalin it to all of us here. And you are welcome to contact me at

If there is any legal action forming to reclaim our loss, please count me in.


:roll it seems that there are many happy owners so why the fuss

to happy timeshare owner Oakland, California, United States #741311

Dear reader: If you too have been scammed, you can file a ‘Dispute’ with your credit card company. My case just got resolved and the credit card company (Visa) just credited my account in full. Visa’s Fraud Department researched the transaction and determined that it is in fact a scam, so I got my money back, and Las Palmas Travel Network got nothing except a 100% chargeback and a disappointed scam artist (sorry, Blake!). Perhaps he’ll barely notice – I’m sure he’s busy working on new suckers every day …

You, the consumer, must call your credit card company to file the Dispute with within 118 days from the date of your transaction. They’ll put a temporary credit on your account (so you don’t have to pay it). Then after they research and find that Las Palmas Travel Network is a scam, they’ll convert it to a permanent credit.

And yet, there are ‘so many happy customers’ you say. Hmmm. Why do I not believe “Happy Customer” with his non-factual one liner?


Yep it is a scam. They opened an credit card and spent 4,800.

We were told it was 5000 for letting them use our weeks. What a laugh.

They have us on this and will pay it off.

to Skiiny Oakland, California, United States #738717

Hi Skiiny ... Thanks for posting.

Do you have any other responses to the threads below? It'd help everyone out if you do!

What will you do now?



We were also just in Playa del Coco,Costa Rica (8/2013), went through the free-lunch screening process, then to the "shark tank" for a variety of "deals." The deals kept getting lower and lower, on a yellow-lined legal pad. There were 2 hard pushes at closing the deal. We did not buy anything. Then we were scurried off to a room adjacent to a local agency that offers tourist packages. That is where we met Brent Welch. When we got back to our house, I googled him:

We went back the next day to ask a few more questions and met Blake. He doesn't think quickly on his feet.

I also googled the websites that were listed on the folder and on the "contract."

Both of the above sites are *** sites. They both list the same contact information, and both display the same video tease. The 1-800 contact information gets you to a telephone menu that goes no where. The numbers it says to push for help with booking, or for checking out the supposed "hot list" - not valid extentions.

While in Costa Rica, I called the local numbers on the "contract." They didn't connect to people...tried various times of day.

Now, if you google las palmas travel network, you will find brand new postings, raving about the company. The New York Times one...if you scroll to the bottom reads that The New York Times did not contribute to the article.

The Yahoo ones are also newly written.


to had fun anyway Oakland, California, United States #721233

Hello "Had Fun Anyway", There's an extensive thread about Las Palmas Travel Network on - take a look at report number 1076771. LPTN still hasn't responded to several really awkward questions about its legitimacy.

The sudden flurry of LPTN damage control press releases on Sept 3rd was short lived -- three releases in three days, and nothing before or after that. The Brent Welch mugshot is an interesting new twist...

So that's the same Brent Welch that you met in person, right? Why am I not surprised?


My family and I stayed at Bahia Turquesa in Playas del Coco in February of 2013. We went on the sales presentation and they told us they would be able to sell our timeshare in Kissimee, Florida.

We were thrilled with the price they had offered and were honestly quite skeptical that we would ever receive the money. It just seemed to good to be true. However, we decided to take a leap of faith and invest in Bahia Turquesa and switch from Interval to the Las Palmas Travel Network. Let me tell you sitting in New York almost 7 months later that this is the best decision we have ever made.

Our timeshare was successfully liquidated and the Las Palmas Travel Network is a dream compared to Interval International. No exchange fees, no mandatory maintenance fees. If we use it we pay for the weeks, if not, we pay nothing. My wife and the kids stayed at the Four Seasons in London at Park Lane in July for a week.

It was absolutely spectacular and at a fraction of the cost with LPTN. Believe me, we felt the same way as the other posts I'm reading here. However, some 7 months later we now know that our fears were unfounded and that the sales person who in our case was Todd Deen was completely forthcoming. We are going back to Costa Rica in November with a bottle of champagne to say thank you.

We were a little amazed by the posts we had read here and wanted to share a different experience with you. Maybe you didn't give it a chance to work?

to John And Mary #734417

Right- how come you are the only ones enjoying. Are you part of the scam???

to John And Mary #1136364

John and Mary:

Your message is different and we have been really scared by all the negativity and are almost ready to go to Visa and scream fraud. We bought significantly in Jan 2016.

Your outcome is what we pray for.

Selling high end Hilton products and buying 8 weeks at Las Palmas.

Is there anything else you can share with us.

Scared stiff

Wayne and Claire


I have also had experience dealing with the Las Palmas Travel Network ,BAhia Turquesa, Las Palmas CR, Sharing SA, and several other related entities. Unfortunately , I too had a terrible experience with the sales peole and administrative people associated with these entities. I went with my family on a timeshare exchange to Playas de Coco and stayed at the BAhia Tequesa Residences . During our check in I should have realised something was not right when the first questions they asked was the occupations of my spouse and me. I have had timeshare for over 10 yeears and never have been asked this question by someone checking us in. Next after checking us in they told us they needed a $20 deposit for the check in process that would be refunded. I gave them this feeling a little uncomfortable as they had already taken a copy of my credit card for incidental expenses or damages , etc. After the check in process I asked what the $20 was needed for , They then told me that they had booked us for a presentation at a Breakfast on the following morning to tell us more about the place. I realised that this was a sales presentation and was a little purturbed by the heavy handed way this was done. I should have been more alert to this. I was on vacation feeling happy , so decided to let this go.

At the sales presentation , I too was exposed to several decreasing packages until they told us that they would purchase our timeshare at a price more than we paid for it, on top of this they would give us several weeks more and we could rent out the extra weeks at a guarenteed rate of $2600 per week. When questioned about how this could possibly be so they told us that they could purchase our unit at those prices as they then resold them at inflated prices to large corporations that would be willing to buy them for tax purpose to right off as employee deductions. They also told us a company out of St Louis, Mercury property management would cover this. They told us and showed us a flier that showed this company had been in business for over 50 years and that this company would take the weeks from us. they would then find 'qualified people' that would be brought to the resort . They would have 2 people during the week , one for 3 days and one for 4 days. they said they had a sell rate of 62% and so one person would purchase. The average sale was for around 50000 thus the saint louis company would receive their share of around 10600 and thus pay us guarenteed 2600. This would be guarenteed for 5 years. In a part of me , my alarm bells startd ringing as these numbers sounded to good to be true. At the same time these sales people were so slick and seemed so honest and seemed to be able to make everything seem so believable. They seemed to have an answer for everything. We were taken in ,partly by their pursuasiveness and slickness , partly by our own need to rid ourselves of the maintenance fees at our timeshare that are always rising so much, and partly by our greed to believe we could pay off all our costs associated with uor timeshare from the 'marketing rental plan they had'. They kept reassuring us of the legitimacy and guarenteed rental income we would receive. I admit it, we were gullable and signed up. During the sign up process which was very hurried, I raised several concerns . They included a payment for an annuity that would pay you back 30000 after 25 years, but you needed to pay 2000 for it as an upfront cost as well as 2000 for closing costs. They reassured us that we could cancel within 8 days if we not comfortable. Why not sign up and enjoy the rest of the vacation as I would have 8 days to think about it, I thought.

After the purchase they then offered us an upgrade for even more weeks with more 'marketing income'. this sounded even more fantastic as now we could actually make money off this program. This sounded so ridiculously good to be true that I started to feel very uncomfortable, so asked if I could get back to them on this. My spouse also noticed that their was something odd about the way the sales man was acting. She couldn't put her finger on ,it but it almost felt to her that in a way he was non -verbally giving cues to her not to buy further. This was odd as it seemed so good, why would this persons body language almost be telling us the opposite. That was when we realised we better do our research of this company and all its affiliates which we should have done before signing up.

We did some research over the next couple of days and our biggest fears were realised and all the small alarm bells that were going off during the sales process were confirmed. We found out disturbing things like the person who posted before us. The property management company and entity that rents the units from you as part of their marketing plan, Mercury property management states in their website (which looks exactly like the flier they showed us), states that they are a company in timeshare property resales and rentals for over 50 years. Yet on further searching I cannot find much else about them . In fact there was only a company with a similar name begun per the states records as of 1994, not 50 years. also there is a company with this name at a different addresses also for very brief periods. There was so little information about them that I became very concerned. The BBB had not any record of them and there is so little information available which seems odd for a so called large business that deals with big corporations and been in the business for 50 years. Then I found mercury property management had been linked as a management company to a similar marketing or sales company that were selling almost an identical product to what were sold in Mexico in 2012 and before. I think it was Vallarta. I started to find complaints and almost identical stories to mine from the sales at this place . The people there were sold an identical story. Sell your timeshare to us, we pay your maintenance for a couple years, we give you extra weeks and get a 3rd party entity to rent them out to you for a very profitable rate. After your purchase, you cannot get hold of us or find it very difficult to get what you were promised. You cannot book your vacations easily. people cannot get hold of the marketing 3rd party entity. If you do it is no longer in business. The 3rd party marketing entity it appears is changed every year or so. there are several entities mentioned. When people try to complain about the marketing entity they are told it is no longer in existence and they are using a different marketing company that is unrelated, the last of which was Mercury Property management .

I then researched LAs PAlmas CR in Coasta Rica and found nothing about this. They also mentioned their sales company as four seasons sales company and found nothing on them either. Extremely concerned I now researched LAs Palmas Travel network nothing found nothing on the copany except complaint stories from people feeling that they were ripped off by this company or had very bad experiences with them.

I now was very concerned and decided to visit them to find out more as it was less than a week since I purchased. I was within the 8 day cancellation they reassured me about. We then went to the sales location and found the sales Manager we had delt with and told him we were considering cancelling our contract. He asked why and we told him about our research and could he explain it. He suddenly became very nervous, started figetting and his voice started to stammer. He said those were other companies not them. They were a new company that was now 7 months old. He was no longer the self assured reassurinf person we had previously seen. THis ws no longer a person who was part of a company that had been doing business in the area for a long time ( only 7 months now?). For a few minutes he started to stammer and fidget and look all around . he seemed to be struggling to find answers even though all we had said was we had some research that put into question a lot of what he had told us. This reaction was extremely concerning to us as we were not aggressive, accusatory and not even angry. We only asked him to explain why we had found such concerning reports from others. He kept saying those were other companies not us. Yet they had the same locations and were on the contract and information they had provided us. After a few minutes he said he needed to speak to his senior manager. He went outside to speak to 2 other gentleman. We saw them discussing in hushed tones and he then went upstairs. After about 20 minutes he called us over to speak to an administrator upstairs. We went with him and were taken to an office . We noticed they closed the door abruptly behind us. we were then taken to another set of offices to a room where a women sat at a desk. All the doors were once again abruptly closed behind us.

We had never met this person before who did not introduce herself. She immediately started to attack us verbally saying we were uninformed and did not know anything. she said we were questioning the legitimacy of her operation and that she had worked here over 5 years. How dare we question their organization. She literally ranted and raved at us for several minutes. Were taken aback as we had never even met this person before and had not even said a word yet. She was so angry and her behavior was to us extremely rude and belligerent. It seemed so inappropriate and almost over the top to me. In my experience, companies that believe in long term viability , usually try to find out people's concerns, resolve them or seek to get people who want to cancel to reconsider. Instead she was not prepared to listen to anything we had to say and kept screaming at us. Almost egging us on to fight with her. This was so bizarre especially considering were not angry and did not return her attack and had almost said nothing at this point. She kept saying they were legitimate. So I asked her to show me proof of this. She said I get paid very month and have been for the past 5 years. I said that was good, but could she answer why these other people had complained about them and what proof could she give me that it was not so. She continued to be rude and angry at us and said those are other companies that they had nothing to do with. I then asked her them why are you doing business with them and making us deal with them and putting these names on the contracts. She then continued to be angry at us and scream at us. Her behavior was so over the top and aggressive, yet with no content whatsoever that it made me believe that this was to a script. She almost seemed to be acting. She seemed to be trying to use anger and belligerent behavior to prevent discussion, provide any facts to be discussed and to intimidate. After several more minutes of trying to calm things down and actually have an informative conversation, I realized that this person was not wanting to discuss anything. I then said that I would like to cancel the contract as I was told I could. She said she would cancel it but now assess us an administrative fee of $2000. I asked where this fee came from. She then went on a tirade about the contacts rights in Costa Rica and I eventually found out what had been told to me were closing costs had been written down as administrative fees and they would take this. She also proceeded to tell me if I did not accept this not only would they not refund the rest of the money paid to them this far but also fight to take all of it. If you want to go the legal route, we will fight you for all of it so you better just take the $2000 fee we will assess you, she said. On top of this she wanted our copy of all the paperwork and contract even though they had their copy. She said in Costa Rica as we are canceling the contract it is no longer ours and now their property even if it is dispute. This clearly did not sound right to me. So in other words if we wanted to dispute anything, they would not allow us to even have any paperwork including our own contract. This seemed extremely suspicious to me so asked for proof of cancellation, which thankfully after much requesting they finally gave to me.

We decided to check out and make the best of what was left of our vacation. On the way out we ran into this friendly group of people that we had seen around town. My spouse liked them and decided to warn them about the sales presentations going on at Bahia Turquesa and the Cafe de Playas. They then proceeded to tell us that they had unfortunately already gone to the presentation and signed on. They then also felt a little uncomfortable afterwards and had done their own research. They then felt that they had been taken advantage of and that the operation was in their opinion a scam. They had gone to cancel the next day and had an identical experience to us. They were so concerned that they were dealing with what they called 'scam artists' that they had contacted their credit card companies, banks and credit reporting agencies to be alert for fraud and unauthorized charges from these entities. As they told us more , their story was remarkably similar to ours and unfortunately similar to some of the reports we had found in our research.

I have never come across such a group of people in my life, that I suspect are knowingly doing wrong and taking advantage of people just coming to enjoy a vacation with their guards down

I still believe most people in this world are good. Unfortunately, there are a few bad people or people who do bad things for self gain. I believe that I ran into a few on my vacation in Costa Rica

To anyone who reads this be careful at any 'sales presentations' on vacation. Learn from our experiences and don't be taken in by those who sweetly just want to relieve you of your money

Good Luck and be safe out there

PS I read the responses from the Las Playas member services to the person who previously posted a complaint about them. I immediately noticed a similar strategy on their part. A lot of accusations about conspiracy theories but little or no content or proof to refute what he talks about. THey wish to attack those who have concerns about them instead of trying to resolve issues and minimize Public perception damage.


The point of view and information here is only one sided, and it follows the conspiracy theory that has been unsupported and incorrectly followed in the past, even that some information here is right, it is presented in a negative way and with false premises, linking a legitimate business with false accusations.

We don’t want everybody that reads this answer to understand that we do not appreciate the efforts that the consumers put into this, unfortunately it falls in the conspiracy theories around Playas del Coco, that has been correctly answered through legal channels in the past.

To be anonymous allows anybody to write anything they want, whether it is true or not, and it helps to impact in a wrong way. Most of this type of irresponsible complaints also damages a whole industry, business and persons that believe in this and that have supported it correctly.

We are not seeking compensatory damages or to prevent anybody to put their efforts into this, but if you want to clarify your investigation or add the truth to all these facts, we invite you or anybody that would like to do it through the correct channels, please contact us with your questions at the email

to memberservicesLPTN Cartago, Cartago, Costa Rica #705554

sorry, the correct email is:

to memberservicesLPTN Oakland, California, United States #710169

September 1, 2013

In the Spirit of Transparency – Las Palmas Travel Network

This report is about the Las Palmas Travel Network (LPTN) and its relationship to Coco Sunset Vacation Club (aka Bahia Turquesas). This report is not about the Playas del Coco area in general.

I’m simply sharing my personal experience with LPTN. I invite other troubled readers to do their own due diligence (e.g., look up LPTN on Google, check the links in my original post, call the phone numbers), come to their own conclusions, and publish what they have learned.

In the spirit of transparency, let’s keep the discussion open for viewing. If everything about LPTN is legitimate, and there’s nothing to hide, it should all work out fine.

To encourage transparency, I’d like to give an opportunity to LPTN to “set the record straight” and to reassure those of us who are skeptical, by responding to these questions. This kind of info should be publicly available anyway:

1. What’s the headquarters address and phone number for LPTN?

2. Who is LPTN’s President/CEO?

3. When I told Blake Lindsay I could not get through to the phone or email address on the contract, and asked him if there was any alternative contact info he said “No”. So where does this new address come from:

4. What is LPTN’s business relationship with Carnival Cruise Lines?

5. What is LPTN’s business relationship with RCI?

6. Since what year has LPTN been operating its “Cash Exchange Program”?

7. What is the name and phone number for the contact person for LPTN’s “Cash Exchange Program”?

8. Any comments on the Customer Service rep “Steve” who called me from his Magic Jack number in Florida?

9. Any comments on the domain name that was registered just a few weeks ago (July 9, 2013) at

10. Any comments on the address at 804 Pine Avenue, Carlsbad?

11. 7690 West Cheyenne is HSI’s office. Any comments on that?

I’m curious to see LPTN’s responses to the above questions.

ALSO: Please see LPTN's "selective answers" to the above questions, which are on, report number 1076771.


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